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On-site Fuel

Need consistent, easy-to-access fuel during a scheduled outage? We offer on-site turnaround fueling services for companies undergoing scheduled maintenance, turnarounds, or shutdowns.

During this time, equipment like generators, light plants, and compressors are being used simultaneously at a high volume, requiring lots of diesel fuel and manpower. This demand could lead to congestion, making it hard for fuel trucks to get in and out of the vicinity safely and efficiently.

fuel buggy out in the field turnaround fueling service

Fuel buggy with fuel cube on the back of it in yardFuel Buggies

Using our fuel buggies, tight areas can easily be accessed where larger trucks are restricted, promptly filling equipment of all sizes. Each buggy holds a 100-gallon skid tank with a 50-foot hose reel. Compared to large trucks that pump large quantities of fuel very fast, these smaller buggies are designed to deliver fuel at a safer and more efficient rate. Each buggy is also manned by two people, a spotter and a filler, at all times to ensure safe, quality service.

Fuel Cubes

In addition to the buggy service, we also offer fuel cubes on skids in various sizes with adequately sized fuel pumps that can be easily located and mobilized to areas that need bulk fuel supply at all times. These tanks are remotely monitored for low-level alarms to keep them full during this critical time.

Frac Tanks

frac tank out in the field

Frac tanks are another great option when it comes to turnaround fueling. Built with plant safety and ease of use in mind, our custom frac tanks are equipped with multiple high-volume pumps and tracking controls; guaranteeing that you have adequate fuel while monitoring every drop.

Some of the fuel products we supply include:

Bobtail Trucks

Lard Oil also offers bobtail trucks for customers with larger-scale projects needing more gallon capacity. Bobtails can hold anywhere from 2500 to 5000 gallons of fuel, giving project managers the ability to work confidently without worrying about running out of fuel. Using industry-leading technology, we are able to monitor tank levels in order to efficiently serve our customers..

Need easily accessible fuel during a scheduled outage?

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Incorporating Lard Oil’s turnaround fueling services saves you time, money, and labor by making fuel readily accessible, ensuring that all equipment is promptly filled, and providing turnkey support so that your team can concentrate solely on the work being done.

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